Our firms was established in summer of 1997. It had 4400 machine when it first begun to function. It has been one of the most important firm in the sector of yarn production with the growing investments since 1997.

Our firm have come to these days by investing on DAMTEKS brand in 2000, 2002, 2005, 2010, 2012 years. These investments were made on DAMTEKS in order to develop the company. Our daily output had become 24.000 kg with the last investment in 2012. Our facility has 50.000 square meter field and it’s 30.000 square meter is a closed space.

The reason of our yarns increased reputation in exportation and in importation is that we make no concessions on quality. We always renew our machines and use %100 AKSA as a raw material. We are doing our best to maintain the quality production of yarn for our customers.